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By: Patty Jo Sawvel photos by: Photo Innovations
( Kernersville Living Magazine Article )

Nancy Bourn, Owner - Trend Setters Styling Salon

Two decades ago, Nancy Bourn came from upstate New York to Kernersville, North Carolina—kicking and screaming all the way! She’d just completed her “dream” education of beauty school, after years of earning a living with her “practical” business degree. Her clientele was finally self-sustaining. It was then that her husband, Rodjer, said it was time to move.

“Every year,” explained Nancy, “when we drove through North Carolina to Florida on vacation, my husband would say, ‘North Carolina is the place to be. It has good jobs, good weather, and good people.’ Now it was time to move and I didn’t want to go. I cried all the way through the states of New York and Pennsylvania while we were driving here.”

However, beginning with their very first day in NC, Nancy kept meeting people from Kernersville who genuinely wanted to help their family. This resonated with Nancy because she too finds great joy in reaching out to those in need of a helping hand.

Today, you couldn’t drag Nancy out of Kernersville. She is so deeply rooted in the community that many people call her a mother of Kernersville.

Many have received direct nurturing as they sit in her chair at Trend Setters Styling Salon. True, they initially go to see Nancy because she has a reputation as one of the best cut and color specialists in the Triad. But they soon discover that she can help them become more beautiful on the inside.

“I can’t tell you how many times,” said Helen Jennett, a successful business woman, “that I’ve sat in Nancy’s chair and had a counseling session. Nancy is the kind of person that will tell it like it is and this helps me find my way professionally, spiritually, and socially. She’s “mother” Nancy.”

Other’s work side-by-side with Nancy in her varied volunteer efforts in the community and together they find new ways to exceed expectations.

“Even though Nancy has done what it takes to earn a 12-county Women in Business award in 2008,” said Bruce Boyer, president of the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce, “she is a team player who wants everyone to succeed. I’ve volunteered with her when she’s twice been president of Kiwanis Club, and she is one of the most committed and inspiring volunteers I’ve ever served with.”

Nancy also has a special place for those less fortunate. For the last eight years, she has volunteered with Next Step Ministries—a shelter for abused women. Nancy does what she can for them—first making them pretty on the outside, while gently helping them to heal on the inside.

“I’ve never told anybody this,” confided Nancy, “but my father verbally abused my mother. Eventually she left him, but I know how damaging abuse can be to a women’s self-esteem. So the first thing I do when I meet these women is invite them to my salon for a free cut and style.”

When the women enter the downtown salon, the first thing they sense is the positive, nurturing spirit generated by the eight stylists ages 24 to 50-plus. And then, as they gaze about, they discover the beauty of integrating the old and the new. Looking down, they walk across premium ceramic tiles. Looking up at the ceiling, they contemplate the exposed planks that supported factory workers over 100 years ago. And looking at the walls, they see brick from the 1800s complemented by antique styling stations—and often it becomes apparent that all of us can take the best from our past and build a magnificent future, with a little help from our friends. For these often lonely and friendless women, Nancy and her team become their friends.

In fact, many of her clients consider Nancy, not just their hairdresser, but truly a friend. She has helped many of them through extremely difficult circumstances . . . all in a day’s work. Years ago, at the tender age of 29, Paula Johnson was diagnosed with cancer. When her treatments were done, her gorgeous red hair grew in white!

“Nancy gave me back my beautiful hair,” Paula explained, “and virtually every week someone compliments me and asks: Who does your hair? But the greatest gift that Nancy continues to give me is that she helps me stay positive and maintain my sense of humor so that I can stay healthy.”

“I don’t know about you,” Paula said, “but a lot of people don’t want to take off all their clothes and have someone else touch them. With this machine, you slip off your shoes, go in for 10 to 30 minutes and come out relaxed and ready to go back to work. It’s such a stress reliever that I just bought gift certificates for my son, who is a police officer.”

Incidentally, half of the clients at Trend Setters are male. It’s a safe place for gals to send their guys as Nancy works very hard to keep the dress code and emotional environment healthy and wholesome.

“I can honestly say that this team of stylists is the best I’ve ever had. We have very high standards in our dress, our grooming, and our attitudes. We are here to help the people, the families, and the businesses in Kernersville be the best they can be,” said Nancy as she smiled proudly.




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